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Another Slider Plugin for WordPress

This is yet another Plugin for having a slideshow of images in your WordPress site. Check it out at Meteor Slides.

Aug 20 2011 Featured Resources

20 HTML5 WordPress Themes

This is a nice collection of 20 HTML5 WordPress Themes. Check it out.

Aug 17 2011 Featured Resources

Nivo Slider for WordPress

You want to display rotating header images for your blog? Get Nivo Slider for WordPress and install it!

Aug 06 2011 Featured Resources

Twitter Tools by Alex King

Alex King, who happens to be one of the core developers for WordPress itself, has developed a plugin for integrating Twitter and WordPress.
His Plugin Twitter tools has a lot more to offer than just displaying your latest tweets on your WordPress blog. Check it out!

Feb 19 2010 Featured Resources

Twitter for WordPress

You want to display your latest tweets on your WordPress blog? Look no further! Get this plugin and install it!

Apr 20 2009 Featured Resources

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress GALA!

Celebrating Everything about WordPress. We go all over the web, filter the unwanted, and present to you the best of WordPress Sites, Themes and Resources.
Enjoy your visit!.

Feb 15 2009 Featured Resources